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8 april 2023
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5x Why you should sign-up for the beach volleyball season


The weather is finally changing as you might have seen, which means the beach volleyball season is coming up! Grab the essential sunscreen, sunglasses and your good mood and be ready to head to the beach courts at the VU campus.  In the month of May and June, SVU will provide beach training with every Tuesday and Thursday. With the first training on the 2nd of May and every team training once a week. Still unsure if you are going to sign-up for the beach season? Here are 5 reasons why you don’t want to miss out! Find us on Instagram @svu.beachvolleybal for any updates during the season. 

Already know that you want to sign-up? Fill in the form!

Attention:  gents low = full

It is also possible to join the training if you're not an SVU player. Although SVU players have priority for the open spots.


Keep in touch with your SVU mates

Signing up for the beach training in May means even more quality time with your SVU mates. Who doesn’t want to see their friends more often? Since the competition has ended, everyone has time to train more in May😉. With the indoor season being over at the end of May, keep in touch with your team in the sand in June! Otherwise, you go from multiple times a week at SVU to none, and the summer break is already difficult enough to survive. How fun is it to still be able to train with your team and even with other teams together? This way you even get to know more people at SVU! 


Learn an almost totally different sport?

Beach volleyball is a totally different sport compared to indoor volleyball. This means you are able to learn a new sport or at least a different skill set if you are already known with beach volleyball. With learning a new skill, like knuckling, you will be definitely stealing the show at the instuiftrainingen at the end of August. Also, training in May and June will keep you playing volleyball for a bit longer than the normal indoor season. This means you are more than ready for the instuiftrainingen at the beginning of the year. 

If you have any questions regarding the beach volleyball season, reach out to us on our Instagram @svu.beachvolleybal or send a mail to beachen@svuvolleybal.nl

xoxo BeachCie

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