5x Why you should join SVU Volleybal
15 augustus 2022
8x SVU traditions
17 oktober 2022
5x Why you should join SVU Volleybal
15 augustus 2022
8x SVU traditions
17 oktober 2022
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5x Back to volleyball

SVU is back! The teams are made, the first matches have been played and our agendas are already full with all sorts of SVU activities. To make sure your time at SVU is as great as ours, we decided to share some valuable 'back to volleyball' tips. Enjoy reading!


Back to the bag

Back to being a referee

We’ve all known the struggle; what stuff do you need to bring to a volleyball practice or match and what do you leave at home? For example, a pump might come in hand, but you don’t need it for every single game or practice, so is it then worth the effort to bring one each time? In this section we asked multiple SVU-players what they think is a must in their volleyball bag.

The basics
Everybody needs at least the basics in their bag. Think of some indoor volleyball shoes, shorts, socks and a shirt. Some people also like to wear kneepads or sleeves or to bring an extra shirt when they get sweaty. In that case, a small towel could also come in hand. For the ladies it’s also a good idea to bring some (extra) hair elastics.

For the people who like some hygiene after playing
Not everybody likes to shower at the Sportscenter, but for the ones who do like to go home clean, these items cannot be skipped: soap, a towel and a clean set clothes. People sometimes forget to bring a clean pair of socks or underpants, so hereby the reminder!

For the people with injuries
When you’re injured or injury prone, it might come in hand to bring a foamroller, some tape, a resistance band or some tiger balm. If you do have injuries that need certain stretches, make sure to be on time at your practice or match to do them already!

Some useful extras

Some people also like to bring some extras such as a pump or a speaker. If one of your teammates is already bringing one of these it’s not needed to bring an extra one; just ask in your teamchat if your team is provided already when you’re doubting whether to bring yours.

P.S. Don't forget to bring the balls!

With playing matches comes a great responsibility; besides being a player on your own team, you also have the responsibility to referee other matches. Before being able to referee matches, players should obtain the V6 licence (insert link volleybalmasterz). This is a licence from the Nevobo that proves that players know the different rules and signals. Obtaining your V6 licence is obligated and you can get your licence via the Nevobo website (insert link). Not everybody is comfortable as a referee, but to make people as comfortable as possible, we have the following tips:

  1. Repeat the basic symbols and rules before refereeing. When you know what you’re doing you’ll show more confidence while being on the stand. Teams can ‘smell’ your insecurity and would try to change your mind when they see you’re in doubt. To prevent this from happening it is good to refresh the rules so you know what you’re doing and make confidence choices while refereeing.
  2. Ask one of your teammates to join you and to do the counting. Having somebody with you can help with your confidence as well; they can assure you when you’re in doubt or if it is really not going well there’s always the possibility to both do parts of the game instead of one person doing the whole.
  3. As a referee, you’re in charge. Don’t let the players lead you, you lead them. Don’t forget this while being at the stand.
  4. Getting a V4 licence could also make you more comfortable while refereeing. This licence can be obtained by doing a course that takes about a few hours. It lets you referee up to first class and gives you a better insight into the rules, which will make it easier for you to referee games. Want to obtain the licence? You can sign up here!
  5. There are also other licences that you can obtain to referee the most exciting matches at SVU, for example the VS3 and VS3 second referee. These licenses will allow you to referee gents 1 and ladies 1. With a VS3 (second referee) licence you’ll obtain more stars and get some great outings with the other referees.


Back to the bench

Back to business

Being benched during one of the games? No worry! On the side you can still support your team as much as you would be beneficial in the field. SVU has some beautiful yells and songs that can definitely raise the spirit in the field, so if you’re benched, don’t be afraid to use them! You can find SVU’s most common songs and yells here

Not on the bench, but in the stands? Help your fellow SVU’ers out and join in with the songs and cheers! It happens more often than you’d think that we cheer a team to victory! For those of you that are shy or maybe have lost their voice, we have a big drum as well, so perhaps swinging away on the beats and claps of the songs is your calling. Give it a try on the next home-game day!

We all know that SVU is amazing, but SVU wouldn't be anything without its beloved sponsors and Friends of SVU. Did you know that you could help SVU yourself as well? One of the easiest and free ways to help SVU just a little bit more is by using Sponsorkliks! In the video above you can find out how this works.

Another way to help SVU out is to order your teamshirts at DressMe. Dressme is our first distributor when we're looking for teamshirts and sweaters. SVU members will get a 10% discount and SVu will receive a 6,5% cashback on each SVU order. Do you want to order something? Then send an email and don't forget to mention you're from SVU!


Back to borrels

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