5x Back to volleyball
21 september 2022
What shoes should I get?
20 november 2022
5x Back to volleyball
21 september 2022
What shoes should I get?
20 november 2022
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8x SVU traditions

SVU traditions you need to know!

In September and Oktober we have been welcoming our new SVU-members! They have already had the chance to get to know SVU during the trainings, driekamp, intro-activity, introweekend and of course after-training drinks. However, they might not know ALL the SVU traditions. Maybe some already-members also haven’t heard all of them yet.

Let us give you a closer inside look into the association by telling you some of the typical SVU-traditions!


During the try-outs in August, the SmoelenboekCie takes a photo of each (potential) SVU-member for the Smoelenboek. Smoelenboek is a small booklet containing an overview of all the teams. It shows the players and their coaches. Want to know what someone’s name is, what their study and interests are, and if they’re single? ;) Take a look in the Smoelenboek and they will be there! It is also a good way to get to know the rest of the association and recognize some familiar faces on the field. 

Inteam Magazine

Three times a year our amazing InteamCie puts together the Inteam. This juicy magazine contains everything from meme-battles to funny quotes, upcoming events, throwbacks to recents events, and fun columns written by SVU’ers themselves. We are always looking forward to pick up the new issues after the training to keep ourselves up to date on the latest gossip and jokes. Last year there was even a summer-edition, so you could still have a little SVU in your life during the off-season. 

Songs and yells

In SVU we love to support our teams during their matches. In the stands there will occasionally be an SVU audience cheering and singing and drumming. Over the years, a lot of different songs and yells have developed, for all sorts of occasions. Here are a few for reference: 


Classic team song

Er is maar ééén [insert team], ééén [insert team],

Walking along, singing a song,

Walking in an SVU wonderland,

Hey hey hey!

(rhythm of the song Winter Wonderland)


When the ball is out

Uit is uit, ja la la la la! Uit is uit, ja la la la la! La la la la laa uit!

(rhythm of the song Live is Life)


If you would like to view all the songs and yells and when they are used, click here.

Make your own teamshirt

It has become tradition to customize team-shirts to wear during the warm-up before the match. While the match shirts should be formal and neat, the so-called “inspeel” shirts are the complete opposite. These shirts often contain silly nicknames and inside jokes of the team. Here the only rule is: the sillier, the better. Don’t hold back on your creativity when customizing the shirts with your team. SVU has a discount for custom shirts on DressMe.nl. If you mention that you are part of the association, you get a special price on the shirts. So, get to designing if you haven’t yet!


Of course we like to stay in touch with other teams, next to our own. Additionally, we love to see new love flames ignite in the association… This is why the teamdates are invented. Here, the players of a team will go on a collective “date” with the players of another team. They could, for example, have dinner together or do a fun activity to get to know each other better. Teamdates that have taken place last year are H1 with D1, H3 with D3, and H1 with D4. New volleyball year, new chances so do not hesitate to message another team for a date!

International Tournament

Every November, SVU organizes and hosts the International tournament. Volleybal clubs from abroad travel to Uilenstede to play at our very own VU sportcentrum. These clubs travel here from Spain, France, Germany, and Poland among many other European countries. For two days there will be non-stop matches. You can imagine that the competition is fierce, resulting in some thrilling matches to play and to watch. Of course, during the parties at the end of the day, we forget all about the competition and are all best friends. The IT parties have brought us some of our craziest SVU party stories, so you definitely do not want to miss it! Yearly there is a different theme and this year’s theme is recently announced as: SVU in Wonderland. 

Broek uit op je hoofd!

Somewhere along the years, we have developed the tradition to sing “Broek uit op je hoofd!” whenever someone from the committee wants to get the room silent to speech during activities and parties. “Broek uit op je hoofd” translates to “Pants off and on your head!”. We will stop singing when… you guessed it, when the committee member takes off their pants and puts it on their head. There are some instances where we let it slide, but always be aware before speeching as a committee member!


To switch up volleyballing with a different sport, throughout the year the Wintersport- and Surftrip are organized. Wintersport usually takes place in January and the Surftrip is arranged in the summer. The past year we have been to the ski and party hotspot Risoul in France. For the surftrip we joined the organization SurfLifetrips in Mimizan, also in France. Both times it were huge successes. We made a lot of memories and cannot wait to pack our bags together again this year. If you want to celebrate and go on one of the trips with the SVU-fam, make sure you sign up! Or you can even enter a committee if you are interested in participating in the organization of the trips.

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