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Let’s talk about… food!

Let's talk about.... food!

We’ve all been there; you’re having a match or practice at the Sportscenter but you forgot to bring some food. After (or before) your volleyball session, you’re craving. Luckily Sportcafé VU is there for you! But what should you get? To help the hungry SVU-ers out, we’re going to talk about food in this blog. Which snacks are best after some volleyball? What can you order if you need a whole meal. What is worth trying? And what can better be taken from the menu? We’ve asked multiple SVU-ers and wanted to share their knowledge with you below!

The best after-volleybal snacks 

In need of a snack after practice or a match? Then you can go for the grilled cheese sandwich (from now on this shall be named a tosti)! Some people swear by the usual ham-cheese tosti with white bread, but others prefer it a bit more luxury. Where Robin prefers the ‘usual’ tosti, since ‘a crunchy tosti is especially nice before practice because it does not fill too much, so after a dive or attack it won't come out immediately’, Timo likes the vegan versions of this dish. The vegan tosti’s are made with brown bread, which, according to some, is better than white bread. Especially the lentil stew chipotle is worth tasting if we have to believe finetaster Timo. A little hint from the expert ‘sometimes they directly get it out of the freezer and then it will take a while for it to get it warm’. So definitely reserve some time if you want to get this delight!
Also the fries are worth trying, but don’t expect a ‘culinary masterpiece’. This can also be a good meal, but don’t eat it right before practice or a match since then you’ll reunite with your fries on the floor of the field. ‘I did that once, it is not worth repeating’, Robin advises. Thijn also likes fries. ‘After volleyball I just feel like having fat and salt’. Joris has a different kind of suggestion for snacks after practice. ‘Beer ofcourse!’ was his convincing answer. If you’re not in the mood for some ‘golden yellow rascals’, you can also get a tosti instead. Another yellowish fluid that might be nice after some volleyball is a Fanta. ‘A fanta after a heavy practice works miracles. It is the perfect mix between sugar and a good taste, for sure a good replacement for beer’ states Dathimo.

Ultimate replacement for a meal
In need of a bigger meal? The roti roll is there for you! According to Dathimo this is the only meal that should be called ultimate. ‘This is nothing but genius and I can know because I make my own roti’. The roti roll is a real classic on the menu of the Sportscenter. Are you a vegetarian? Then you could have the vegetarian version. A little side note from Joris: ‘Don’t eat the vegetarian roti roll with the thought of chicken on your mind. The roll is nice, but if you’re expecting chicken it can disappoint you’. Matthijs suggests a protein shake in combination with some fries. ‘You’re only missing out on some vitamins’. 

Worth trying
Do you want to try something different? Then the mushroom tosti is worth trying. ‘It is surprisingly tasty’, Joris mentioned. Dathimo agrees, he mentions that the more extravagant tosti’s should be worth their while. ‘Mushrooms and Chipotle both do not sound bad at all’. Also the purple protein bar is a nice snack. Matthijs thinks of it like a ‘lion on steroids!’ Thijn suggests to try the white Aquarius. ‘It is quite refreshing’. Sjoerd mentions that also the smoothie banana strawberry with apple juice is worth it. ‘Cold fruit juice I go well on, like you’re trying to fight your hangover but you are not even hungover.’

Once but never again

Curious on what you should avoid? According to Matthijs, you should leave the mixed fried snacks behind. ‘They are nice but too expensive in comparison with just a portion of ‘bitterballen’. Other people mostly dislike stuff from the drinks-section. Merle doesn’t recommend the green smoothie. The combination of fruit, veggies and herbs isn’t really her thing. Thijn avoids Liefmans and O2. These drinks aren’t his thing; ‘O2 is just water with a taste’. Sjoerd dislikes the Triple Naekte Brouwers. ‘It is sour junk, don’t do it.’ Dathimo also won’t recommend some of the beers. The triple does not taste bad, but ‘what happens when you drink too many too soon is just too dangerous. My experiences taught me wisely’.

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