5x Why you should sign-up for the beach volleyball season
21 april 2023
Twinkling Lights & Disco Delights: A Night Tournament Recap
25 februari 2024
5x Why you should sign-up for the beach volleyball season
21 april 2023
Twinkling Lights & Disco Delights: A Night Tournament Recap
25 februari 2024
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How to survive Hajraa

How to survive Hajraa

In a month it will be that time of the year again; SVU will go to the biggest grass volleyball tournament of Europe, also known as the amazing Hajraa ‘buitentoernooi’. The tournament takes place from the 16th until the 18th of June. You might have heard some things about this tournament already, or have been able to experience yourselves.  For every Hajraa newby or everybody that forgot how this weekend looks like (due to alcohol) we’ve come up with some Hajraa do’s and don’ts to make sure you will survive this legendary weekend. 


Hajraa is a little bit like a festival; you’ll be sleeping in a tent, you will spend your days in the grass and the evenings dancing. Another similar thing is that glass is not allowed at the Hajraa premises. Therefore it is advised to pour your drinks into either cans or plastic bottles.

Another thing you should not forget is to bring proper sleeping gear. It can be very cold in the Hajraa tent if you don’t have a hot body to cuddle with. A sleeping bag, air mattress and pillow are highly recommended. You might think dragging around all these things won’t be worth it, but believe us, it will be! If you do forget something, you can always try to find a buddy to share their goods.

Hajraa is all about volleyball and partying. For some SVU’ers it is more about playing some volleyball and for others the partying is their priority. Regardless of what your preference is, always inform your teamies about what you’re doing; partying, playing some volleyball or both. Most teams don’t have many substitutes and if half of the team partied too hard, there might be a chance your team won’t play at all. So always be communicative of what you’re doing during the weekend so you won’t get wrong expectations from your team.

Like we say in Dutch ‘een ongeluk zit in een klein hoekje’, which basically mean that accidents can happen. Whether it’s an injury from playing volleyball or drunk dancing, it might happen that you will end up at the first aid. We personally know that the people there are really nice, but that coming there three times in one night isn’t very beneficial. So when the caregiver tells you to go to bed and rest, please do so!

Another thing you should do, specifically when you’re a board member, is watch your flag and other SVU properties. It might get stolen if you don’t hang it inside on time, and that would be a real waste since we just got a new one.  


Each year, SVU brings an inflatable bath to keep the beverages cold. The first day this bath seems quite clean, but during the weekend it might get a little filthy. However, this does not mean that you can pollute the bath. When in need of a toilet, please use the toilets that are literally next to the SVU tent, since peeing in the SVU bath is not appreciated.

Are you in for a snack? Then don’t think about going to the Burger King while using a shared scooter. We get that having a nice and warm midnight snack is the thing you want during the night, but we don’t support drunk driving or crashing a Felyx or Check into the Hajraa terrain.

A thing that is definitely a waste of your time is trying to wash your hair. The showers are fine, but after your regular shower you will definitely get a beer shower, so why bother? Just make sure you reserve the bathroom when coming home, because you will need that. 

We already told you to bring all your sleeping gear, but just to put more emphasis on this subject, please don’t steal somebody’s sleeping gear. It is rude and you won’t make friends when doing so. If you do happen to lack sleeping gear, please ask nicely if somebody will share theirs.

It happens a lot, but it is most definitely a no go and a waste of beer: beer throwing. It’s not only a waste of beer, but also a real danger. Ever been hit with a plastic cup full of beer in the eye? Believe us, it’s no fun at all and you might end up at the first aid as well. Besides that, you won’t make friends with it too.

Another thing that isn’t the smartest to do, is to swim in the pond. It might seem like a great idea, an evening dive, but you’ll end up soaking wet ánd cold. Besides that, the water isn’t as clean as you would like, so we highly recommend not to.

Everybody loves a good thuuter. In the field or somewhere else, that doesn’t matter. Whilst thuuteren at Hajraa is highly recommended, it is not recommended to do so in the SVU Tent. Everybody knows that ‘Ketsen doe je thuis of in de tent’ stands for ‘Thuuteren you do at home or in the (Hajraa) tent, but it is not advised to do so unless you want to be spotted while doing the deed. A good alternative is to go to the other’s tent instead; here you will still be able to get your nightly exercise, you have more privacy and you won’t be the story of the day the day after.

As a final advice, don’t have too many expectations of the weekend. You’re obviously going to have a great time, but don’t put your expectations too high, because you can enjoy it the most. 

Hajraa essentials

To make sure you will be fully prepared, we also made a little list of Hajraa essentials you should definitely not forget!

- Sunglasses: Even if the sun doesn’t shine as bright, sunglasses are a real lifesaver when you’re hungover.
- A backpack: It’s less annoying to carry this one around than your regular sports bag.
- Alcohol: In plastic bottles.
- A volleyball to play with: not one from SVU, but one that is made for outdoor usage.
- Fristi: The perfect hangover drink.
- Some midnight snacks. You can get snacks at the party terrain, but bringing your own is advised if you do like your regular in bed snack during the night.
- Parcival: If you have him, don’t forget to bring him!
- Two festive outfits.
- Two sport outfits.
- A chill outfit for on your way home.
- Toiletries.
- Powerbank: There aren’t many electricity sockets, so use your batteries wisely!
- Enough money in your bank account to buy coins with. The coins are quite cheap, but make sure to purchase enough the first day, because getting them throughout the weekend sucks.
- Condoms. Better be safe than sorry!
- Painkillers, just in case.
- Sunscreen. You don’t want to come home tired, hungover ánd burned.
- (SVU) Flipflops. Make sure to purchase them before the 22th of May!

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