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19 oktober 2018
Schrijf je nu in voor de SVU Wintersport!
9 november 2018
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One more week… until the weekend at the movies!

The International Tournament is no doubt the best event SVU has to offer. And that’s saying something, if you consider that we had an amazing Introduction Weekend last month! But no, this is the weekend you don’t want to miss. Ask anyone who has been to the IT before. Party, volleyball, foreign volleyball players: what’s not to love.

A couple of tips for the new kids out there:

– Order your teamshirts now, if you haven’t already! If you are an SVU member, you get a 10% discount at this website.
– Get you and your team an amazing outfit for the theme party on Saturday!
– Make sure you get to sleep somewhere in Uilenstede if you don’t live there, you don’t want to bike all the way home after the parties on Friday and Saturday.
– Make sure you don’t have to work Monday morning ;).

I hope you’re as excited as we are, see you next weekend!

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